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Accessibility Services

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Start building more intelligent and accessible experiences

What We Do

Help brands meet and maintain digital accessibility and compliance standards through a unified approach of Accessibility as a Service so they can achieve better business outcomes.

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The Demand Letter - With a clear action plan, we help you prevent web accessibility lawsuits that negatively affect your organization's public image.

The Accessibility Audit - We will conduct an audit of the user interfaces across your website, mobile apps, and even wireframes still in development.

Certification & Conformance - After your digital properties have met WCAG 2.0 technical requirements, we provide you with your own accessibility statement.

Accessibility Laws - Avoid massive disruption to your operations. We help you take fast and simple proactive measures that protect your business.

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Build Your Brand - Through digital accessibility compliance, we can help you convey and amplify your brand's purpose.

Support Acquisition - With roughly 1-in-4 people living with some form of disability, we can help you create a compelling business case.

Improve Searchability - We build more accessible websites and other digital collateral that are easier to find on search engines.

Increase Conversions - We will help you increase your top funnel by 20% with a net bonus effect of increasing conversions.

UX/UI - Compliant, effective, and efficient for all users, we will help you build better products and services.

Prioritize Fixes - Ensuring your team has strategic visibility, we help address existing barriers while preventing new ones.

Inclusive Design - We empower you to become an agent of change by amplifying and extending your brand purpose through compliance.

Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates - We can complete a thorough and incredibly detailed Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPAT) upon request.

Digital Accessibility Audit

Be Compliant. Find out how.

How It Works

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Compliance Dashboard & Audits

From audits, implementation, and ongoing monitoring to automated, technical, and functional tests across your digital footprint, we won’t only help you become compliant but also stay that way.

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Accessibility Program Management

We not only help brands become accessible but can provide the team extensions to drive internal change by solving short-term accessibilities needs while developing a long term and sustainable framework.

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Risk Mitigation & Governance

The best mitigation is compliance, and we provide a support team of legal experts who understand North American accessibility compliance, including demand letters, citations, regulatory best practices, and future adherence.

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Training & Enablement

Accessibility is a team sport with many players. We provide training on how to easily and permanently unify digital accessibility practices into all necessary workflows and departments - company-wide.

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Conformance Statements

Accessibility isn’t a task; it’s a commitment. You’ll receive an interactive icon to proudly display on your website, sending a clear message that your brand serves people with disabilities, along with the tools, oversight, and accessibility guidance you need.

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