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Friday Design System

Friday Design System Kit

Everyone looks forward to experiences that start on Friday


Friday is a Design System accelerator created to give your e-commerce and enterprise-grade applications better design and superior development - faster.



Save up to 70% of the designer and developer effort


Build your brand, not someone else’s with non-specific design patterns


Craft products and experiences with greater flexibility and less stress


Removing repetitive task allow for a renewed project and business focus


50% time and cost reduction of core design system development


Internal, External, Functional; always ensure on-brand, across brands


Language, guidelines, and resources are shared among all stakeholders


Meet digital accessibility regulations the first time with built-in compliance


A small team shouldn’t come at the cost of borrowing design from another brand or wasting time trying to change it. And working in a large one shouldn’t require the time, resources, and cost it does to switch between multi-brand experiences.

Either way, it has everyone wishing Friday would come sooner. Now it has, and it’s available 7-days a week.

Friday aims to make life better for three people - the Designer, the Developer, and the User; because when the first two are happy, efficient, and able, the happiness of the third is a natural byproduct.

Now, instead of Friday being where you forget your challenges, it’s where you’ll solve them.

Building a design system shouldn’t come at the cost of your brand.

Friday makes it fast, easy, and uniquely yours.

Find out why Friday is where great experiences start.


Friday should be easy and trouble-free. That’s why it provides the atomic-level components of web and mobile interfaces, allowing for not only seamless designer/developer collaboration but the creation of superior eCommerce experiences.

Design Kit

Flexible, consistent, and accessible components are designed and maintained in Figma and open to limitless possibilities. It also includes best practices and guidelines for each component and its supported variant.
Discover on Figma

Components Library

Specifically designed to facilitate multi-branded experiences in React and Angular. Not to mention static HTML and CSS variants. Can anyone else do that?
Find on Static, Angular, or React

Storybook Documentation

Find development-ready components at the ready in both React and Angular. Plus, the documentation on usage and variants because the best stories usually begin on Friday.

Tested & Accessible

From the browser and CLI level, Friday comes with digital accessibility built-in. That means no costly fixes. Or fines. Or lost customers. Either way, it’s a problem you won’t face on Friday.


Figma Design Kit


Component Library