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How to Certify IoT, Wearables & Mobile Devices for the Canadian Market

If you are looking to launch a device in Canada, whether it’s IoT, a tracker, wearable, 5G, mobile – whatever, you’re going to want to have it tested and certified first. And in this 30-minute video, you can learn how having the most common questions answered, including:

  • Where do I start, and should I do it alone?
  • What tools do I need, and what’s the end-to-end process?
  • How long does it take, and what does it cost?
  • What type of certification do I need, and what comes next?
  • And more!

The mobileLIVE Device Certification & Testing Lab professionals have been helping Fortune 500 brands and SMBs launch their products in Canada with certification, testing, and team augmentation for more than 10-years. And in this video, they will show you precisely what you need to get your device certified and launched in Canada.

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