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Futurist &
Serial Entrepreneur


Jahan Ali has founded multiple businesses and earned himself many titles, but you can just call him Jahan. And while mobileLIVE was founded in 2010, our journey began over a decade earlier - and has been accelerating ever since.

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Our Journey

Jahan, an electrical engineer, immigrated to Canada in 1998 to pursue his Masters in Computer & Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto. After graduating, he rose through the ranks at Motorola, contributing to two major patents.

However, despite his initial success, in November of 2010, Jahan began mobileLIVE with a vision of creating a “Canadian Centre-of-Excellence” to lead, innovate, and simplify digital business.

This video celebrates his vision and our journey.

Clients that prefer different

AI isn’t a luxury anymore.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining how businesses Sell, Serve, and Save. Any business that misses out or is slow at taking advantage of AI will risk survival. Move fast and responsibly!

This is where we come in—a partner you can trust to bring intelligence and efficiency to your business. We specialize in strategizing and implementing bespoke digital solutions at high velocity.

100% client retention since day one

40+ iconic & Fortune 500 clients

20+ industry awards & distinctions

Different approach.

Better results.

Co-create & Align

Agreement on a shared vision of the future starts with collaboration and co-creation.

Outside-in View

Prioritizing customer experience and business agility over technology.

Bespoke Solutions

Nothing off the shelf; we understand each client, situation, and solution is unique.

Levelling Up

Training and developing your team as we accelerate your growth.

Bi-focal Vision

Seeing the big picture while earning early wins on the way to reaching it.

Time & Material

when you need to scale fast while filling in the skills gap

Agile Team

when you want more flexibility and better control

Fixed Price

when you have clear requirements for a project

Our Select Partners

We aren’t the only ones who think our team is pretty damn good.

Awards Group Image
Awards Group Image

Turning simple ideas into brilliance requires opportunity, enablement, support, and recognition. Fortunately, we have an award-winning culture designed to do just that.

You’ll soon realize how you’ve got a partner in your success–offering continuous learning, professional and personal support, and growth opportunities.