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About: IT professional services provider for digital businesses


Futurist &
Serial Entrepreneur

Jahan Ali has founded multiple businesses and earned himself many titles, but you can just call him Jahan. And while mobileLIVE was founded in 2010, our journey began over a decade earlier - and has been accelerating ever since.


Our Journey

Jahan, an electrical engineer, immigrated to Canada in 1998 with his wife to pursue his Masters in Computer & Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto. After graduating, he rose to the ranks at Motorola, contributing to two major patents. However, despite his initial success, the leader in Jahan was not content.

In November of 2010, Jahan began mobileLIVE with a vision of creating a “Canadian Centre-of-Excellence” to lead, innovate, and simplify digital business, and today, we celebrate his vision and our first 10-years in business with these 10-facts.

Our journey reflects the sheer focus on designing a service model to help you grow more and faster than before. We’re intentionally vendor agnostic, offer flexible engagements, and whether designing, building, integrating, or consulting, at the end of the day, we ensure you own the IP.

With reliability in delivering what we promise and the quality we bring to every engagement, we are committed to helping you navigate the most demanding challenges, unlock the real potential, and drive transformative and scalable growth.

Our Leadership Team

Whether a client or an employee, this is the team you turn to when you're ready to start achieving your goals. Their experience encompasses nearly every facet of digital enterprise - from startup to scaling up and solving all the complex challenges that arise along the way. Hailing from all over the globe but converging on a shared vision.

Jahan Ali

The visionary, whose schedule has him looking years into the future

Hussain Qureshi

The captain, rallying the team and steering the company forward

Luca Maraschi

The enabler, driving key business outcomes through technology

We aren’t the only ones who think our team is pretty damn good.

What we do is no small order. It requires opportunity, enablement, support, and recognition. Fortunately, we have an award-winning culture that was designed to do just that.

Offering continuous learning, professional and personal support and growth opportunities, and a community that quickly becomes family, you’ll soon realize how you’ve got a partner in your success.