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Behind the Growth

Not everyone makes the news. But behind every growth-driving experience, product, and transformation are experts who shaped the outcome.

Behind the Growth is a podcast for digital leaders and those aspiring to become one. Each episode celebrates remarkable individuals, and our candid conversations focus on their struggles, wins, and lessons learned you won’t find anywhere else.

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Leadership and Innovation in the Banking Sector

In this insightful episode of Behind the Growth, host Mudassar Malik engages with Nelson De Jesus, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at

37 Min

Complexities of AI Implemention in Banking

In this episode of Behind the Growth, host Imran Mian dives into the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence with Yannick Lallement, the Chief AI

33 Min

Taking Collective Action to Combat Climate Change

In this episode of Behind the Growth, host Imran Mian engages with Vince Gasparro, a leading figure in sustainable finance, to dissect the intertwining

27 Min

Advocating for Women in Tech

In this inspiring episode of Behind the Growth, we celebrate Lisa Sutherland, Senior Director of Emerging Markets at Rogers Communication. More than a leader,

25 Min

The Future of Self-Service

In this episode of Behind the Growth, host Mudassar Malik engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Ryan Chong, Senior Director of Digital Service and

20 Min

Centralizing Data Strategies for AI Success

In this episode of Behind the Growth, host Imran Mian engages in an insightful discussion with Ujjwal Goel, Senior Director at Loblaw Companies Limited.

32 Min

Revolutionizing Backend Development

In the latest episode of Behind the Growth, host Mudassar Malik is joined by Luca Maraschi, Co-Founder and CEO of Platformatic. Luca shares his

39 Min

Driving Innovation in the Financial Industry

In this episode of Behind the Growth, join Mudassar Malik as he sits down with Managing Director of ASG and Simplii Financial, Jimmy Dinh.

27 Min

Strategizing & Scaling Agile Transformation

In the latest episode of Behind the Growth, host Mudassar Malik engages in a candid conversation with Sorin Hogiu, an Agile Transformation Leader. Sorin’s

38 Min

Harnessing AI for Engagement and Adoption

Join host Imran Mian in this captivating episode of Behind the Growth as he dives deep into the world of AI and digital engagement

27 Min

The Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Business

In this episode of Behind the Growth, Imran sits down with Corby Fine, a marketing leader, to discuss the ever-evolving world of digital. Corby

33 Min

The Power of People & Culture

Join Mudassar Malik in this episode of Behind the Growth as he sits down with Gaurav Bhatia, CMO at PenFed Credit Union, to uncover

31 Min

Embracing Change and Cultivating CSR

In this episode of the Behind the Growth podcast, we delve into the insightful perspectives of Faisal Kazi, the President and CEO at Siemens

30 Min

The Impact of Inclusive Communication

In this episode, host Mudassar Malik sits with Laura McCutchan, a seasoned UX design leader with experience in various web designer roles. Laura emphasizes

22 Min

Pricing for the Win

Pricing is complex but one of the biggest growth levers–even in a dire economy, and it continues influencing customer decisions. So invest in getting

21 Min

Humanizing Digital Transformation

In this episode of Behind the Growth, we are joined by Saeed Otufat-Shamsi, the Director of Information Services at TELUS, to discuss all things

26 Min

Tools, Community, and Support for Canadian Startups

With over 900,000 businesses in Canada and 95,000 new companies registered every year, it’s clear that the Canadian startup scene is booming. Adding to

29 Min

Shifting Mindset to Drive Better Results

What is the difference between a good and a great company? Mindset! While building a high-performing team is important, true success comes from a

26 Min

The Essentials of High-Performing Teams

A high-performing team is a reflection of its leader and vice versa. And according to our guest Lino Caccavelli, VP of Direct Financial Services

29 Min

Top 5 Go-To-Market Challenges

You don’t have a sales, marketing, customer success, or product problem. You have a Go-To-Market problem. Recognizing this requires a shift in mindset: you

27 Min

Innovating in a Highly Regulated Industry

Lionel Messi said, “It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success.” But it doesn’t seem like that from the

33 Min

Prioritizing Customer and Employee Experience

Growing a business is like preparing a delightful dish. And just like you can’t bake a cake without the right ingredients, you can’t grow

27 Min

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