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The Future of Self-Service


Episode Summary

In this episode of Behind the Growth, host Mudassar Malik engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Ryan Chong, Senior Director of Digital Service and Support at Rogers Communications. From the evolution of self-service to its future, the conversation uncovers great inights about the customer experience landscape.

As the discussion unfolds, Ryan emphasizes the pivotal role of digital self-service in not only reducing operational costs and elevating customer experience, but also being a key differentiator. The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Ryan delves into the impact of generative AI on customer interactions, personalization, and speed of innovation. He also addresses the challenges and opportunities presented by voice assistants and emphasizes the importance of rethinking experiences for these platforms.

Finally, Ryan emphasizes the importance of saving your customers time—the most valuable commodity to customers—by offering a streamlined approach that caters to individual preferences. Purposeful innovation and technologies like generative AI can unlock the full potential of the digital self-serve experience, and the insights uncovered in this episode will help you open up new opportunities to serve customers better.

Featured Guest

  • Name: Ryan Chong
  • What he does: Sr. Director of Digital Service & Support
  • Company: Rogers Communications
  • Noteworthy: Ryan is a seasoned digital professional who is driven by the pursuit of combining business objectives & customer needs with technology to create the ultimate customer experience. He is a geek that moves mountains to innovate and drive results.

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Key Insights

Evolving Self-Service: Beyond Cost-Cutting to Elevating Customer Experience
Ryan Chong underscores the transformation of self-service, moving beyond its origins as a cost-cutting measure. Self-service is now a critical driver for enhancing the customer experience. It provides customers with the convenience of quick, hassle-free interactions in their own space. Ryan explains how businesses must embrace self-service not only to optimize costs but also a key differentiator.

Generative AI: A Game-Changer in Customer Interactions
Generative AI emerges as a game-changer in customer interactions. Ryan highlights how AI can understand customer intent, making it possible to create a self-service experience that is quick and tailored to individual needs. By summarizing vast amounts of customer data, AI can offer a level of personalization that was previously unattainable. It’s a pivotal shift from simply reducing operational costs to enhancing the customer’s overall journey.

Rethinking Voice Assistants: Beyond Replication to True Innovation
Many companies have tried to replicate traditional customer service interactions with voice assistants, but this approach often falls short. Ryan emphasizes that the future lies in creating innovative experiences that combine voice and visual elements, catering to the complexity of customer interactions. While voice assistants have faced setbacks, the potential for them remains vast.

The speed at which you can innovate and create new experiences with AI is what's really changing.

Episode Highlights

From Geek to Leader: Ryan’s Journey and Passion for Tech

Ryan Chong discusses his career journey, highlighting his passion for technology from a young age. He shares how he evolved from his early days in call centers to becoming a tech leader. Ryan emphasizes that embracing one’s weaknesses and working on self-improvement is essential for personal and professional growth.

“I would say I’m a geek because, in my core, ever since I was a kid, using computers back in the day, I’ve always been passionate about technology.”

The Evolution of Self-Service

Ryan elaborates on the evolution of self-service. He emphasizes that self-service is no longer just about cost-cutting but also about providing a superior customer experience. Self-service enables customers to save time by completing tasks quickly from the comfort of their homes. Ryan highlights the importance of understanding customer intent and delivering a seamless self-service experience.

“So when you think about that value exchange with the customer, it’s really providing a better experience in your digital means than over your traditional, whether it’s a call center or retail store, et cetera.”

Generative AI’s Impact: Personalization and Two-Way Conversations

Ryan dives into the transformative impact of generative AI on customer interactions. He discusses how AI can understand customer intent and enable two-way conversations. This technology allows for faster personalization and a shift from traditional self-service to more efficient, AI-driven interactions.

“The customer will tell you exactly what they want. We’re getting faster with personalization so you can create those one-to-one experiences through your AI and personalization.”

Rethinking Voice Assistants: Beyond Replication to True Innovation

Ryan discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by voice assistants. He suggests that replicating existing customer service interactions may not be the most effective approach. Instead, he envisions combining voice and visual elements to create innovative customer experiences. The future of voice assistants holds promise, especially with advancements in technology and networks.

“To me, it’s really rethinking versus replicating experiences one-to-one with new technology.”

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