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The Intersection of AI and Digital Customer Experience


Episode Summary

In this episode of Behind the Growth, host Mudassar Malik sits down with Chris Madan, VP of Digital Sales & Service at TELUS. Chris shares his unique career journey across Aviation, Financial Services and Telecommunications, emphasizing the common thread – a focus on customer experience. As the custodian of TELUS’s digital storefront, Chris and his team are on a mission to humanize digital experiences and the digital customer journey.

Chris touches on AI and its role in bridging the gap between being data-rich and insight poor. He also discusses the potential of AI to process vast amounts of information and deliver hyper-personalized experiences at scale. But it’s not just about machines and algorithms. Chris emphasizes the vital importance of the human touch, showing up in those critical moments that truly matter to clients, a key differentiator between machines and humans.

Beyond the excitement of AI, this conversation then delves into the ethical considerations surrounding its use. Chris passionately advocates for responsible AI implementation, ensuring fairness, transparency, and privacy for all. He underscores the need to be cautious and thoughtful in embracing these groundbreaking technologies, acknowledging the potential risks while maintaining a sense of optimism about the future.

If you want a glimpse into the fascinating world of AI, digital sales, and customer experience, this episode offers an abundance of valuable insights. Join Mudassar and Chris as they unravel the profound impact of technology on the future of client interactions.

Featured Guest

  • Name: Chris Madan
  • What he does: VP of Digital Sales & Service
  • Company: TELUS
  • Noteworthy: Chris Madan is a highly accomplished business and technology executive who currently leads TELUS Digital with accountability for the digital client experience and commercial outcomes. With progressively senior and diverse executive experience across sectors including Aviation, Financial Services and Telecommunications, Chris has a consistent record of successfully elevating organizations success driving market share, profitability and market leading audience engagement.

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Key Insights

Bridging the Gap Between Data-Rich and Insight-Poor
In a conversation with Mudassar Malik, Chris Madan, VP of Digital Sales & Service at TELUS, discusses the potential of AI to bridge the gap between being data-rich and insight-poor. He emphasizes that while we have a vast amount of information, traditional tools are often constrained by their ability to process and deliver insights from this data. Chris believes that emerging AI capabilities can help process this information and deliver personalized experiences at scale, thereby enhancing customer experiences.

The Power of Hyper-Personalization
Madan discusses hyper-personalization and how AI can help deliver more personalized and effective experiences. He notes that while there’s a lot of hype around various technologies in marketing and digital, the key is to stitch these pieces together to deliver experiences that matter to clients. He believes that hyper-personalization can reduce wastage in marketing and improve engagement.

Building a Culture that Embraces AI
Chris shares his thoughts on how to build a culture that embraces AI for positive change. He notes that AI has been around for a long time in various forms, but the current focus is on generative AI. He stresses the importance of keeping the right outcomes in mind and using AI to enhance customer experiences. He believes that AI can help deliver experiences closer to those provided by humans, thereby augmenting the customer experience.

AI has been here for a long time - it's just different evolutions. AI exists in almost everything you do. Even typing a query into your search engine: it's prediction what your response would be.

Episode Highlights

The Role of AI in Personalization and Cross-Selling

In this segment, Chris Madan discusses the role of AI in personalization and cross-selling. He emphasizes the importance of using data to augment experiences and show up in moments that matter to clients. He also discusses the concept of hyper-personalization and how it can reduce wastage in marketing.

“There’s so much hype around everything over the last ten years in marketing and digital, from data lakes to data swamps to cloud journeys, quantum computing, to AI, to generative AI, to predictive AI. And I think all these are capabilities, but at the end of the day, we have to stitch these pieces together.”

The Importance of Non-Sales Experiences

Chris highlights the importance of non-sales experiences in this part of the discussion. He notes that the vast majority of interactions with a brand are non-sales experiences, and these moments are critical for delivering hyper-personalized experiences.

“And 97, 98% of those experiences that a consumer expects from their brand is about listening, is about responding to what that need is, so that when the right time comes, when they’re either ready to buy, or they’re impulse buying. You are the brand that comes to life for them.”

The Role of Family and Support Systems in Career Progression

In this part, Chris reflects on his career and the role of his family and support systems in his progression. He expresses gratitude for the mentors, leaders, friends, and colleagues who have helped him along the way.

“Highlight the role of family. In the aspects of how my career has played out, everything from my kids to my parents to my whole support ecosystem around me. I’ve had a lot of mentors, leaders, friends, colleagues, around who’ve helped, enabled, where I am.”

The Potential of AI to Bridge the Gap Between Data and Insights

Chris discusses the potential of AI to bridge the gap between being data rich and insight poor. He believes that while we have a vast amount of information, traditional tools are often constrained by their ability to process and deliver insights from this data.

“I think as human beings, we are both data and insight rich. Think the tools we use to try and deliver those experiences are data rich and insight poor. And that’s because we’ve got this vast amount of information, but we’ve traditionally been constrained by, and again, I’m using the brain and the neural network, aspect to it.”

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