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AI-Powered Project Planning, Effort Estimation, and Team Formation

Translating business requirements into technical deliverables, accurately estimating effort, and allocating the right talent is complicated. This often leads to cost estimation errors, talent misallocation, and project failure.

Here’s how our AI-Powered approach has addressed these challenges:

Effort Estimation
We leverage AI to transform a Business Requirements Document (BRD) into a detailed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with time and cost estimates, reducing the time and human error involved in project planning.

Team Scoring
We use data from tools like Jira, GitHub, and SonarQube to calculate a comprehensive score for developers based on their performance, experience, and code quality, facilitating informed team selection and performance monitoring.

Team Formation
Our approach recommends optimal project teams by analysing historical performance data and matching it with project requirements, ensuring the best fit in terms of skill, cost, and delivery time.

Watch this webinar for a demonstration highlighting AI-powered approach to Effort Estimation, Team Scoring, and Formation.


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