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Optimizing the Design Experience with User Research using Attention Insight

In episode 2 of Trends & Tech Talk, Associate Product Designer Pranavi LMK joins host Yasmine Lee to offer an insider’s look into how she optimizes the design experience through user research that drives efficient and accurate design decisions.

Realizing that even the smallest design changes can significantly influence user behaviour and conversion rates, Pranavi demonstrates how she uses Attention Insight to ensure the design decision-making process is well-aligned with user behaviour and preferences.

Within only a few minutes, Pranavi does a lot more than just reveal why she prefers Attention Insight over other AI tools to make effective design decisions. Through her demo, she also answers burning questions like:

  • How do you use Attention Insight for user research?
  • Can it confirm the effectiveness of design choices?
  • How does it determine where user attention is focused?
  • What does the clarity score in Attention Insight entail?

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or someone interested in the field, this episode is packed with valuable insights from Pranavi that will help you improve the way you conduct user research.

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