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Simplifying Product Documentation: How to Write User Stories More Efficiently with ChatGPT

In this introductory episode of Trends & Tech Talk, Product Manager Sami Rehman joins host Yasmine Lee to show us how he uses ChatGPT to create user stories more quickly and efficiently.

Addressing the issue most product people run into at work, Sami talks about creating user stories and any sort of product documentation and artefacts – a tedious process that normally takes a lot of time and effort.

With an AI tool like ChatGPT, however, Sami reveals how the process doesn’t just become far more efficient, but you also end up with better results: more clear, concise, and consistent user stories.

Take a closer look at what Sami has in store, the prompts he uses, and a live demo of how ChatGPT has elevated the user story creation process.

Stay tuned for more videos where our experts take the latest trends and tech and show you how they can be used to overcome challenges at work and conquer your to-do lists!


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