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Code Conversion:
Modernizing Legacy Code with GenAI

Transform your legacy code effortlessly with RefactorX - a Generative AI-powered Code Converter.

Our solution, RefactorX, converts any legacy code to your desired code, including version upgrades (like JavaScript to NodeJS). With RefactorX, you can also create technical and business level documentation regarding legacy or transformed code with an excellent search facility through existing documents and knowledge base.

Innovative Use of Generative AI

Utilizes advanced AI models to automate the transformation of legacy code into modern languages or updated versions.

Comprehensive Transformation Suite

Offers code translation, optimization, documentation generation, AI-enabled unit testing, and a knowledge management system.

Targeted Solution Approach

Designed to address the specific needs of industries heavily reliant on legacy systems, such as Telco, Banking, and Retail.


Improves code quality and maintainability without changing its external behavior and business logic.

With RefactorX

Watch now for a live RefactorX demo showcasing its GenAI-based approach to legacy modernization and experience efficient, error-free, and scalable code development.

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Inanc Cakiroglu

Director AI and Analytics at mobileLIVE

With 25+ years of IT experience in data, analytics, and AI and serving leading roles at a major European telecom, Inanc is dedicated to driving innovation by leveraging technology to solve complex IT challenges.