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Live webinar

Next-Gen Product Management: Innovation, Skills, and Artificial Intelligence

Tuesday, July 30, 2024
09:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

Keeping up with innovation and the fast pace of technological advancements is challenging. It requires Product Managers to continuously update their knowledge and skills and stay current with emerging technologies, tools, and trends.

In this webinar on Next Gen Product Management (NGPM) we will share frameworks for skill advancement, the impact of ProductOps on lifecycle management, and the transformative role of AI in enhancing traditional Product Management roles.

You will gain:

NGPM Skill Maturity Matrix

A detailed framework for advancing product management skills, including AI integration, ethical product design, and strategic foresight.

Revolutionizing ProductOps

A revolutionary approach to product lifecycle management by enhancing cross-functional collaboration and accelerating decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence for PMs

AI First approach to transform traditional PM tasks, such as, user story automation, dynamic road mapping, and data-driven user testing.

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Hamza Qamar

Director of Product Innovation & Design

With 17+ years in customer experience, Hamza embeds Customer Centricity into product development, design, and management, enhancing efficiency and experience.