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BFSI: How to Create Frictionless Digital Onboarding Experiences

While the preference for digital channels isn’t diminishing, customers’ tolerance for long, complex sign up processes is, and that means financial institutions are now facing challenges like:

  • Dropping customer sign ups
  • Increasing cost of acquisition
  • Rising cost of abandoning signup

Fortunately, this can be fixed with faster, frictionless, and completely E2E digital onboarding, and you can discover how here.

In this extremely insightful, one-hour session, BFSI experts Ghazanfar Ahmed (Director of Digital Innovation) and Danysh Hashmi (VP BFSI) let us in on exactly how banks, credit unions, and insurance brands can achieve a better Digital Onboarding experience for their customers.

Join them as they discuss key industry drivers and market challenges, designing customer-driven experience, and the technology needed to support it all.


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