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How to Simplify Technology & Accelerate Digital Transformation

  • Do you feel that your technology teams are not living up to the expectations for your Digital Transformation?
  • Do you find technology to be a significant bottleneck in the rollout of your next-generation experiences?
  • Does it take months to roll out new features and capabilities from concept to market?
  • Do you believe that your API platforms fuel your business growth or create a hindrance in your vision for future growth?
  • Can your cloud support the immediate demands of the market efficiently and effectively?
  • Have you seen tangible results from your cloud transformation yet?

If any of this sounds familiar and you’d rather it be a past problem and not a present one, then you’re in luck. Watch Uzair Sukhera (Director of Design & Innovation) and special guest Luca Marashi (VP of Engineering @ as they discuss how to tackle these challenges and accelerate your digital transformation by simplifying your technology.


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