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Conquering the Ideation Process in Design Thinking For Creative Problem-Solving

Joining us for the third episode of Trends & Tech Talk is Product Designer Osama Nadeem, who shares his insights on one of the most critical yet often daunting stages for product designers – ideation. The process begins once a problem has been identified, but the journey to finding a solution can be long and winding. It involves brainstorming sessions, team discussions, and countless meetings.

Osama, however, presents a fresh perspective. In conversation with host Yasmine Lee, Osama demonstrates how AI tools are reshaping this approach, introducing us to some great applications like Notion, ChatGPT, and QoQo, which significantly help streamline and enhance the ideation stage.

Additionally, through a quick demo, he also gives us an insightful walkthrough of how he uses ChatGPT to:

  • Generate key insights from user data
  • Understand complex and extensive sets of information
  • Brainstorm and expand on our ideas to uncover novel approaches and solutions for more create problem-solving
  • Analyze what’s out there in the industry and extract funnelled insights we can use to make design improvements

Whether you’re dealing with a wealth of complex data or looking to expand on the ideation process for a new feature, this episode offers a great approach to draw inspiration from for your design improvements.

Tune in to discover how AI is not just accelerating, but significantly enhancing research and ideation in design, and stay tuned for more by subscribing to our newsletter!


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