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Design Systems: Creation, Application, and Value

Most major brands and product companies have already adopted Design Systems and for a good reason. Good design results from good design practices and few bring as much efficiency, consistency, and organizational value as a well-implemented and utilized Design System.

This session was created to give a candid view of Design Systems in action, with a particular focus on small to mid-sized and legacy organizations. Addressing everything from design and developer collaboration to garnering stakeholder buy-in, and spanning the theoretical to the practical, you’ll discover not only the “Who, What, Why, and How” of Design Systems, but also our own unique and straightforward framework for successfully creating one.

In this webinar, we answer:

  • What is a Design System, and why you’d want one?
  • How do you successfully build them, and who should be involved?
  • What are their key components?
  • How do you use and maintain one?
  • Open Source vs Design System?
  • And more!


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